As we welcome in the new school year, Leket Israel has initiated partnerships with five last-chance high schools providing Israel’s youth at risk with daily hot, nutritious meals from IDF bases and hotels.

In one of the schools with whom we began as a pilot project last year, Bet Sefer Atid in southern Israel, one of the students commented on the school’s cooperation with Leket Israel: “the opening of the lunch room has made a world of a difference in improving what it means for us to go to school. We are so thankful to receive a hot, nutritious and even colorful meal at a set hour, every day. This meal energizes us and enables us to sit and study all day long.”

“Leket Israel and Bet Sefer Atid – thank you for believing in us when everyone else gave up on us. We are so grateful to those who have undertaken this effort to help us and who have dedicated themselves whole-heartedly to caring for us. We send a special thank you to those who have donated to our cause. You are our miracle workers,” added the student in the culmination of her speech.

From Ofakim in the south, to Jerusalem to Ramle, Leket Israel is providing hotel quality meals to almost 500 at-risk students daily, giving them the necessary stamina and focus to learn properly all day. In addition, three of these schools will also receive sandwiches through Leket’s Nevet program to keep the students satiated until lunch time.

Dr. Dan Benor, senior staff member at Bet Sefer Atid: “The children praise the food that Leket Israel brings every day. The food is very healthy, varied and tasty. We could not wish for anything better. Leket Israel has changed our lives.”

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