With the start of the New Year, on January 2nd the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) began donating the surplus food from their staff cafeteria. Around 100 meals each day are collected and brought to the Nitzav Refael soup kitchen in Jerusalem.

Four years ago, Ohad Levy, an employee at the Israel Electric Company (IEC), contacted Leket Israel after learning about the organization from a radio program. Our staff responded enthusiastically to the opportunity of collecting surplus food from one of Israel’s largest companies. Soon Amit Overkovitch the VP of Human Resources joined Ohad Levy in championing the partnership and Leket Israel began collecting surplus meals from IEC.

On January 21, with a move to the L. Eshel catering company, Leket Israel signed a new agreement with the Israel Electric Company, celebrating and expanding our rewarding partnership. Now, IEC supplies over 400 lbs. of surplus cooked food for the needy every weekday; Approximately 120 meals from the Haifa offices, 90 meals from the Central District offices and 95 meals from the Southern District offices, both in Tel Aviv.

Other new food donors this month include:

  • SAP, a hi-tech software company located next door to our Ra’anana Logistics Center
  • Egged 215 Artillery IDF Base
  • Liav Catering Company
  • Shikun U’Binui – a major global real estate & development company based in Airport City
  • Jerusalem headquarters of the Israel Prison Service

We look forward to long and fruitful partnerships will all of our new food suppliers!

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