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Leket Israel: A Journey of Giving

Leket Israel is the largest food bank in Israel, and has been a leader and an expert in food rescue nationwide since 2003. The organization sources, collects and redistributes fresh, perishable, quality food, which would otherwise be considered waste, from farms, hotels, military bases and catering halls. This is done in an effort to aid the quarter of the country’s population that lives below the poverty line. Leket works with 195 non-profits throughout the country to provide nutritious food to over 175,000 Israelis weekly. Last year alone, Leket collected and delivered over 30 million pounds of fresh, healthy food for the needy.

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Leket: Its bIBLICAL

Leket Israel follows an ancient biblical commandment which calls for farmers to leave any food which falls from the tree so the poor of Israel can come and eat them for free. The word "leket" means to glean, we glean the fields across Israel and get the food to those who need it most.

“Also let grain from the bundles fall purposely for
her; leave that she may Leket (glean), and do not
rebuke her.” Ruth 2:16

“And you shall not glean your vineyard, nor shall you Leket (gather) every grape of your vineyard; you shall leave them for the poor and the stranger: I am the LORD your God.” Lev 19: 10

Why should christians be concerned for israel?

God is fulfilling His ancient biblical promises in re-establishing His people to their ancestral homeland. He is doing an incredible work today and He wants you to be involved!

I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who
curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be
blessed.” Gen 12:3

"For if the Gentiles have been partakers of their spiritual things, their duty is also to minister to them in material things.”
Romans 15:27

Mr Joseph Gitler

Founder of Leket Israel

Joseph is a graduate of Yeshiva University and Fordham University Law School. After making aliyah in 2000, he worked for three years as Director of International Sales & Development for a family software business. He founded Leket Israel in 2003 after witnessing significant food wastage in Israel at a time of rising poverty. Joseph’s vision and steady hand have led the organization from a simple, one-man operation to Israel’s largest food rescue organization. He is married to Leelah, has five children and enjoys biking, traveling and spending time with his kids.


Raymond MacDonald

Director of Christian Connections

 In 2002, Ray combined his Christian Faith and love for Israel by changing his life’s path from computers to teaching the importance of supporting and standing with the Nation of Israel and her people.  Ray is the Director of Christian Connections for Leket Israel, Israel’s National Food Bank, since 2007.   He has always been a strong advocate for the State of Israel and has worked with Bridges for Peace and Christians for Israel.   Ray loves hiking, reading, enjoying music and has sometimes been known to do all 3 simultaneously.   Ray is happily married to Rosalind and they work together for Leket Israel.  They presently live in Hamilton, Ontario.

Our core values

Anti-Hunger:  Leket Israel works to alleviate hunger by rescuing and redirecting tens of millions of lbs of excess food annually to needy beneficiaries including children, youth at risk, the elderly-invalid, and the impoverished from all backgrounds.

Pro-Environment: Leket Israel makes efficient use of limited food resources, while reducing waste slated for landfills and resulting methane emissions.  The organization is “Greenhouse Energy Efficient Certified” and is carbon footprint smart.

Sustainability and Fair Access: By working to reclaim and redistribute food that would have otherwise gone to waste, Leket Israel is providing a sustainable solution to this inevitable waste and is increasing food access to those who need it most.

Diversity:Leket Israel employs a diverse mix of Jews, Muslim Arabs, Bedouin, and immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia.

Food Safe and Professional: Leket Israel works to support NPOs through nutrition education, capacity building, and food safety projects to provide better services to the needy.

Global Stewardship: Leket Israel was inducted as the official Israeli representative of the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) in 2011.

Food Security:  Through the provision of fresh produce, dairy products, and other perishables, Leket Israel is providing vital nutrition to thousands of Israel's poor they may not otherwise purchase or consume.  The enhanced nutritional intake helps improve the recipients' quality of life.

Social Justice: Leket Israel strives to create positive social change through its employment program in agricultural gleaning for women and minorities.  The organization works to ensure the fair treatment of all its employees and work contractors.

Collaborative: Ongoing partnerships have been cultivated with over 1,000 food producers and suppliers, and the organization is providing vital support to 180 nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and 100+ schools in over 70 cities spanning the region from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south.

Volunteerism: Between 50,000-60,000 people from Israel and overseas volunteer annually in Leket Israel’s food rescue and provision programs; of these 70% are children and young adults.  Israeli companies also provide significant support, with a few hundred corporate groups volunteering with the organization on an annual basis.

Provide a meal at last chance high

Throughout Israel students struggle at the margins of society. Coming from low income homes where parents struggle to afford basic rent, these students suffer from academic or behavioral problems and attend special schools where they must either succeed or be expelled from the education system. Leket Israel is there to help provide for these students to ensure their success

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